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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of question that our partners constantly ask us.

How big is your marketing team?

Two Trey Media marketing team consists of 10 members. It's a mix of account mangers, business developers, media buyers, designers and developers.

What are your payment terms and payment methods?

The base terms for all affiliates are NET 30. But, with good results and on specific in-house offers there is a option to get paid weekly or bi-weekly if you reach certain revenue goals. We are flexible and if you can make results or prove results, we can get you on more frequent payment plans.

We offer Wire, ACH, Payoneer payments.

Do you have a referral program?

Absolutely! We always welcome referrals of any form. We don't have any fixed fee for that but we make it based on the project itself. If you want to make real money and get on a 50/50 deal - you need to give us an exiting project to work on.

Do you have in-house offers?

Yes. We have in-house offers and it's important to point out that we only work with direct advertisers. Offers that have lot's of jumps we only use for our internal media buying.